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Charles Ritchie
Very nice lecture from Charles Ritchie (Silver Spring, MD) at Towson University, Thursday April 14th. 
"Since 1977, artist Charles Ritchie’s journal/sketchbooks have formed the core of his artistic activity. Now numbering 134 books, these volumes have evolved into a program of self-study that employs written notes that carefully tracks the artist’s dreams juxtaposed with drawings that plumb the artist’s immediate surroundings. The lecture will discuss how the artist’s journals came into being, how they grew and changed over the years and their relationship to Ritchie’s drawing and intaglio printmaking practice. More information about the artist and his work is available at www charlesritchie.com" (http://www.towson.edu/artscalendar/Arts.asp)
I have been very impressed by Ritchie's sketchbooks, beautiful hand bound jewels, about 3 in. heigh X 4 in. wide, full of exquisite pencil, ink, or watercolor sketches, and texts in a tiny extra fine handwriting ... I wish I could enjoy the 134 of them...
Ritchie's drawings are shown at Gallery Joe in Philadelphia, PA.