! Grass as Upholstery !

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"  Modern Monday: Grass as upholstery

Perhaps it stems from my desire for an outdoor room or my love of juxtaposing unrelated elements, but grass covered furniture appeals to me. You can use real grass outdoors or carpet and upholstery indoors. Either way, the look is modern and fresh.
These chairs, from the Terra Grass Armchair kit, are made from biodegradable cardboard forms. Simply fill the form with soil, seed it with grass, and watch it grow. I'm not quite sure how you would mow them, however.

This lounge by Fung + Blatt architects, is perfect for city dwellers. The frame alone is made with renewable materials and even comes with its own built-in “watering” system that promotes even distribution of moisture under the sod. Perfect for a terrace garden.

Here is another collection of outdoor furniture, by 5.5 Designers, which incorporates plants into the design. I love the manicured hedge look of this design, although you can use flowers as well.

Bringing the outdoors in, Chair Couture mixes traditional style with a one-of-a-kind grass fabric.
This Swedish Gustavian side chair was upholstered with shag carpet. I love the whimsy of this chair. In the most traditional environment, this chair would make a fun and unexpected statement! I have a slipper chair that I inherited and reupholstered once since college. I am seriously thinking about reupholstering yet again in a similar fashion.
Lastly, I couldn't resist this photo I found on Flickr by bb_matt. The only thing more whimsical than green grass chairs is GIANT green grass chairs! "

via à la mode monday, june1, 2009