( Mobtown Moon, and an unexpected experience )

""  What is Mobtown Moon? The Dark Side of the Moon like you’ve never heard it before.

“Wildly eclectic but consistently absorbing.”

— Evan Serpick, Baltimore City Paper
“Smartly nods to Dark Side’s classic status without being too reverent.”— John Lewis, Baltimore Magazine
More than forty musicians, all from Baltimore. Classic Pink Floyd, thoroughly reimagined on a CD released just in time for the 40th anniversary of the original. This is not your typical “cover” project. Instead, it features fresh new arrangements: surprising grooves, eclectic instruments, gorgeous vocals. Glimmers of rock, jazz, classical, hip-hop, gospel, even opera. A TRUE PROG-ROCK AMALGAMATION! “Breathe,” “Money,” “Us and Them”….these immortal rock-and-roll hits, heard anew.  ""

Beautiful concert at the Kraushaar Auditorium, Goucher College, Towson, MD.
Let me be honest, I can not write about the Pink Floyd re-interpretation, since, well, I am a big fan of Medieval music and songs, Bach, Mozart, Holst, ethnic musics and many more in between, but, and there is no over way to say it, I suck when we talk of popular/rock music.
However, this makes me even more appreciative of the well-thought, though daring, arrangements by  the Mobtown Moon musicians. On a jazzy rock background, oboe, strings, banjo, come and go, sometimes reminiscent of Classical tones, sometimes tinted of ethic mood, or folk accents.

A performance even more fascinating to me was happening on the side of the stage; two sign-language interpreters translated not only the speaker, but also the songs, and even the musical pieces. This was absolutely captivating, bewitching; an amazing choreography incredibly expressive through, not only the signs, but the body language, the gaze, the rhythm.